Thunderheart Incorporated

Session 11: Minotaur Settlement

Upon entering the Minotaur settlement, the party saw that all the Minotaurs were worshipping their leader in a sort of trance. The party used their attacks that caused the enemies to be pulled to them to try and release one of the Minotaurs from the trance. This angered the leader and caused all the other Minotaurs to attack. Buttersworth and her hunting party helped but requested no Minotaurs be killed, just left unconscious. The party made swift work of the enemy once they found an Orc was controlling the Minotaur’s leader. After the battle, the party talked with the Minotaurs and formed an alliance with them against the Orcs. The party stayed a few nights to rest up and headed back to Everlund to report their findings to the guard captain and Alistaire.

Session 12: The Boss Comes To Visit

The party made it back to town with Buttersworth and took her to see the Guard Captain. Bo Jangles, always on the prowl for the next “encounter” offered to allow her to stay the night in the Thunderheart guild hall instead of having to find a local tavern. As the party left the Guard Captain’s office, he mentioned there was a flashy dressed Dwarf that came in to town earlier in the day. He had the Dwarf followed by some guards but they lost his trail over near the party’s guild hall. Gehn and OttO decided to go visit Alistaire and let him know all the details of what had happened ( found battle map, got ocular piece, helped Minotaurs) while the rest of the party decided to head home. The Guard Captain and Buttersworth had just finished up their alliance arangements and joined the party on their walk.

As they made their way to the guild hall, Buttersworth noticed they were being watched and followed. Once the party got within site of the guild hall, they saw a human thug standing at their door. Jelenneth confronted him with a shout, provoking several others to jump out from their hiding places and attack the party. The thugs were there to kidnap the Guard Captain, while trying to make it look like a simple robbery. Suddenly, the guild hall doors burst open and Kron Thunderheart entered the battle with Mariz by his side. The party made quick work of the gang and captured their leader alive per the Guard Captain’s request. After an extensive questioning session (read: several lost DCs), the gang leader admitted to being paid by Kamak to kidnap the Guard Captain. The Guard Captain took the thug into custody and left the party there to get acquainted with the new arivals.

Kron told the party he was originally coming here to pull Gehn and Bo Jangles back to the home office in Waterdeep for other jobs, but with the looming Orc invasion he wants to keep the Everlund chapter of Thunderheart Incorporated open for business. He also paid everyone for their services in the guild up to this point and the party is taking 2 weeks off for some relaxation time, allowing them to get to know the town and its inhabitants a bit as well.


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