Tag: Thunderheart


  • Gehn

    He is the leader of the party, but only in name. He has a battle standard (daily, standard action) that grants +1 to all attack rolls to allies within 10 squares of the standard. To activate it he must slam it into the ground and shout “BRING ON THE …

  • Jelenneth

    She has a special magical sword called Warlord’s Ultimatum which grants 1d10 + 1d6 damage, crits on 20 and gives [max damage] + 1d10 + 1d6, esentially a free 2nd hit. She absolutely hates being set on fire but doesn’t confront Gehn about it as it only …

  • OttO/tOOt

    Goes by OttO when in Tiefling form and tOOt when in bear form. He has bad gas and is always pulling his pants down.

  • Methos

    He never moves…ever. He loves spicy dragon-wings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He recently put an ad in the local paper looking for single ladies and mentioned his “arrow”.

  • Bo Jangles

    He is the true leader of the party and a real lady’s man. He’s ever suspicious and always looks out for himself. His catchphrase is “The men can call me Bo, but the ladies call me Jangles!” followed by shaking his hips back and forth.