Thunderheart Incorporated

Session 9: Araldil's Tower

Upon arriving at Aradil’s tower, the party realized something must be wrong. The tower was overgrown, broken, and looked uninhabited. As they entered the tower they were attacked by all kinds of vines and plant creatures. Making their way through the various levels to the top, they found a witch and a huge plant beast. As it turns out, the witch was Aradil’s other apprentice Lucindia and she had commissioned the old blacksmith’s guild in Everlund to create a special device that would help her turn Araldil back into a human. After delivering the device from the guild’s storage, Araldil was transformed into his human self and offered the magical battle map as compensation along with several other items. He also told the party that the map only works partially without the ocular piece, which could only be found in Longtooth’s Labyrinth.



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