Thunderheart Incorporated

Session 5: Goblins On The Hill

On the way to meet Araldil, the party was awakened by a group of Goblins barreling down the hill towards their camp. The party readied themselves for battle but were confused when the Goblins continued to run past them. It was quickly realized that the Goblins were running from a group of Hill Giants. The Hill Giants paid no attention to the party and were after a certain Goblin carrying a box. The party took down the Goblins and snatched the box to see what was so important to the Hill Giants. As the Hill Giants approached the party, Bo Jangles was able to bluff them into thinking the Goblin with the box had “run that-a-way!” and the party was spared. When attacking the Goblins, the party had decided to knock one of them unconscious to question once the Hill Giants were handled. The Goblin was rambling on about giving the “Devil’s Box” to its Master and the party convinced it to take them to the Master’s camp.



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