Thunderheart Incorporated

Session 11: Minotaur Settlement

Upon entering the Minotaur settlement, the party saw that all the Minotaurs were worshipping their leader in a sort of trance. The party used their attacks that caused the enemies to be pulled to them to try and release one of the Minotaurs from the trance. This angered the leader and caused all the other Minotaurs to attack. Buttersworth and her hunting party helped but requested no Minotaurs be killed, just left unconscious. The party made swift work of the enemy once they found an Orc was controlling the Minotaur’s leader. After the battle, the party talked with the Minotaurs and formed an alliance with them against the Orcs. The party stayed a few nights to rest up and headed back to Everlund to report their findings to the guard captain and Alistaire.



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